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Retrieve File Permissions using Get-Acl with PowerShell

Retrieving the owner and permissions of a file, folders and even registry keys is a breeze with PowerShell’s Get-Acl cmdlet. Let’s try checking to see who has access to to the C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator folder.

Get-Acl "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator"

Now this return everything that I would expect it to, but I prefer the Format-List view, so let’s check the permissions on the the file C:\Windows\clock.avi and output it in a list view.

Get-Acl "C:\Windows\clock.avi" | Format-List

Ok, now I did say we could check the permissions of a registry key, so let’s go for it…

Get-Acl HKLM:\Software\Microsoft

Now if you just want to find out the owner of the file you could pull back just that value

Get-Acl "C:\Windows\clock.avi" | Select Owner

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