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I couldn’t really decide what the title of this page should be, “About Me” or “About this Site.”  The main reason I wanted to put this site up was so that I could easily reference programming and api examples, registry keys, shortcuts and all sort of other things that I had either developed and then forgotten or that I just find myself constantly referring to.  I also wanted to share this knowledge with everyone out there. And so I bring you brangle.com.

About this site

This site has gone many and I do mean many revisions. It first started of as a plain ol’ HTML file, which little did I realize at the time, would be completely impossible to manage as the site grew. That never went anywhere, then I developed a several custom PHP and MySQL site, I was more interested in developing a functional site and not so much the actual content (since I had none). Well time went by and I got frustrated that i didn’t have a working website and that all my layouts looked pretty crappy in comparison to anything WordPress had to offer.  WordPress has a lot more functionality than I could have ever imaged, but I still feel a little disappointed that I abandoned my old site.

About me

<add content here>Coming soon…</add content here> 😉


Please feel free to leave feedback, either by using the “Contact Us” link at the top of every page, or by leaving a comment.

Becoming an author on this site

I invite everyone out there to submit articles and tutorials for posting. Just email me and let me know what why you want to be a contributor on this site and a little about about yourself. If I like your stuff I’ll create your account allowing you to login and submit content. Use the “Contact Us” link at the top to discuss more details.

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