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Hulu Referral Coupon Code (2 Free Weeks)

Hulu has recently come out with their new Hulu Plus service and is offering 2 free weeks of service using the following referral coupon code:

How to Use the Progress Bar in VB.NET and C#

The progress bar is one of those universal objects that everyone recognizes, it’s useful when doing a large or long task. For example, if your updating/deleting/copying a bunch of files you can update the progress bar as you modify each file. […]

Humor: Tech Support Cheat Sheat

Hilarious tech support cheat sheet […]

Humor: Solve Computer Overheating Problems with this Quick Fix

Haha, I don’t know why I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this photo, I guess it’s one way to solve an overheating problem… […]